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911 Academy is a defensive tactics and firearms training company that prepares all Americans for success in the worst situations. Your safety and security are our top concerns, whether you are a first responder, member of the armed forces, or an everyday civilian. We train Americans to have lifesaving plans in times of crisis. To us, knowledge is power, and power helps you solve problems. Our Firearms Academy builds confidence and empowerment through scenario-based training,


Providing All Americans with Life Saving Tools

High threat situations come in many shapes and forms. No two gun training sessions are equal. Each firearm has its own purpose and each situation has its best protocol. All 911 Academy, courses are tailored to address the client’s needs and provide the highest level of awareness. Since each situation has a unique and detailed protocol, we divide our courses up based on scenarios. From active shooter training classes, to pistol shooting lessons for women only, we have something that can help you channel all of the best safety tactics for each scenario. In addition to showing you how to use firearms, we also show you how to defend yourself with your body alone. We teach a complete seminar in self-defense for men and women.

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