Tactical Shotgun is one of our most requested classes, secondary to our Tactical Pistol. The shotgun is probably one of the number one home defense weapons people choose, along with the pistol. This is also the least understood weapon system. This class has been designed to educate students in the usage and practical application for this weapon. This course will create the confidence and skills required when handling this weapon. This class is a 4-6 hour course. See special pricing below


Course Objectives:

  • Safety

  • Presentation Drills

  • Barricade shooting

  • Combat Shooting Stance

  • Combat Glide

  • Combat Re-Loads

  • Tactile Re-Loads

  • Movement Drills

  • Ammunitions Options

  • Shot Pattering

Course Requirements

  • Pump or Semi-Auto Shotgun with Sling

  • Shell carrier (Belt or Weapon Mounted)

  • Ammunition – 300 Rounds 00 Buck

  • Eye / Ear Protection

  • All Students are required to bring their own ammunition for each course of fire, sunscreen as needed and enough food and water for the day.

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Policies and Procedures:

911 Academy requests that all students register for courses 30 days prior to class convening. Late registration is to be expected, but once classes are filled the availability for booking will be closed. There is a minimum booking of 6 students per class, and a maximum of 24 students per class. 

There are no refunds if less than 10 days’ notification is given by the student and there will also be a 10% cancellation fee added for all cancellations. (All students must sign our release of liability waiver. This must be signed prior to attending any 911 Academy courses of instruction).

If You have any questions concerning this process or just class specific questions, please contact 911 Academy at 619-517-6420

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